Lucrative Affiliate Revenue – 4 Simple Affiliate Revenue Generation Practices

Like many online business owners, you may be interested in ways in which you can generate lucrative affiliate revenue. Through this brief, informational article, you are provided with four simple affiliate revenue generation practices that have proven very useful to other online business owners in the past.

First, in regard to lucrative affiliate revenue generation, it is incumbent upon you to work to attract quality affiliates. Many business owners spend too much time worrying about getting large numbers of affiliates and simply do not spend enough time focusing on the quality of affiliates that they actually do sign up. You will want to make certain that you engage affiliates that will work hard for you in your affiliate revenue generation efforts.

Second, when it comes to lucrative affiliate revenue generation, another practice that you will want to keep in mind is that of ensuring that you have the most appropriate incentive program possible. You will want to make certain that you incentive program is sufficient and appropriate to continue to encourage your own affiliates to work hard with and for you.

Third, in regard to incentives and your goal of generating lucrative affiliate revenue, you also should consider providing your affiliates with a more immediate incentive. The reality is that affiliates that can see a tangible result for their efforts more immediately will be those same affiliates that will develop a sense of loyalty to you and your business and will be those affiliates that will continue to work hard for you into the future.

Finally, in you efforts towards generating lucrative affiliate revenue, make sure that you learn from what other businesses have done in regard to their own affiliate programs. You always need to keep in mind that you do not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your goal of generating lucrative affiliate revenue. Rather, you can learn from the successes and shortcomings of other businesses that are involved in their own lucrative affiliate revenue generating efforts.

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Projecting A Professional Auctioneer Image

Have you ever seen yourself on TV or videotape? Have you listened to your voice on a tape recorder. Have you examined photographs of yourself? Do you project the type of image you would like others to see?

These self images are very important because they give you an idea of how you may be coming across to other people, either positively or negatively. Projecting an appropriate image as an auctioneer to other people significantly hastens the development and trust with those people. With an appropriate image, other people will feel much more comfortable and much more at ease around you, thus making it easier for you to communicate with them. On the other hand, if your image as an auctioneer is inappropriate, it will create a roadblock which may severely hamper your auction business.

Auctioneers who attend to the guidelines of image tend to be more successful than those who do not. Those auctioneers who look and act like professionals have a decided edge over those who do not convey a professional image. The critical importance of the image you project to others is underscored by the well- accepted fact that the famous debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon was won by Kennedy because of his physical image, not by the verbal content of his speech. That debate turned out to be the major turning point in that presidential election. Let’s take a look at the critical components of your professional image.

‘First impressions are lasting impressions.” Have you ever contemplated the ramifications of your first impressions on other people–the way you dress, your voice, grooming, handshake, eye contact and body posture? The way you choose to manipulate each of these various factors has a profound effect on how other people will perceive you initially. It is unusual not to make particular judgments about a person with a heavy accent, weak handshake, sloppy grooming, poor hygiene, bad vocabulary, poor posture, or ill fitting clothing. Ask your friends if you are guilty of any of these. If so, do something to correct them.

Depth of knowledge. This area refers to how well you know the auction business. There are a lot of auctioneers that can’t say one now two, but they are getting the business. How well do you understand the auction industry, your competition and the people that want and need the services of an auctioneer? You must make every effort to learn as much as you can about auction marketing. A lot of auctioneers brag about having never attended auction school, Take advantage of any training programs about auction marketing that are offered from time to time, as well as doing your own independent study. By knowing what you are talking about, you will command more respect from your customers and competition by projecting an image of intelligence and credibility. Become an authority on auction marketing. Everyone loves to listen to authorities,

Enthusiasm. If you want others to show enthusiasm, you must project that quality yourself. It just doesn’t happen. Enthusiasm is catching whether positive or negative. When you outwardly show enthusiasm, it rubs off on others, and vice versa. The choice is yours.

The final aspect of an auctioneer’s professional image is sincerity. This simply means that you cannot, and should not fake it. If you come across as insincere to others, it will have a more damaging effect on your relationship with them than if you violated all of the other components of image in the first place. So, above all else, be sincere in your interactions with other people, do not appear to be out strictly for yourself.

From the beginning to the end of every auction, from the signing of your auction contract, to the conclusion of the auction, with every person you do an auction for, you are on stage. Every word, gesture, expression, impression, yes, even the cleanliness and the condition of your truck or automobile will be seen and evaluated by others. That image you project will facilitate or impede your success with others and as an auctioneer. Therefore, go to great pains to make sure that the image you project, before, during and after every auction is an image that fosters open, honest and trusting communication. You can’t afford not to project a professional auctioneer image. It will not only help you but our entire state association as well.

Adrian has many years as a real estate educator, investor, and personal financial consultant. He has personally purchased over 50 single family houses in the past 5 years using various methods of creative real estate investing.. He shares his invaluable experience and techniques to those looking for guidance in their real estate and personal financial activities. He is currently a Certified Real Estate Auctioneer selling properties in the Tacoma/Seattle area of Washington State. For more information visit his website at []

Rich Haas, of Mankato, Minnesota is president of Continental Real Estate & Auctioneers. Th

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